PolicyPal uses artificial intelligence to simplify and digitise insurance for you to manage all your existing policies from different insurers, so that you always have quick access to your insurance policies even if the unexpected happens. 

Using the app, you can pay and renew your policies with a touch of button. Additionally, you can access a summary of your personalised insurance coverages in a simple and clear dashboard. Through the app’s algorithm, gaps and shortfalls in your insurance coverage can be identified without biasness. Hence, one will never worry about overpaying or underpaying for his or her insurance coverage, while ensuring adequate coverage.

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Internship Experience



We’re looking for a great marketer who is passionate about startups and excited to represent the voice of a new and rapidly growing brand.

This is a role responsible for representing us on social media and for creating world-class content, with the opportunity to shape the voice of our app and improve customer experience.

Our preferred candidate has experience handling digital marketing, as well as growth hacking.

Acquire digital marketing skills

If you’ve always pined for a job in marketing, here’s the perfect opportunity for you to hone your marketing skills to better prepare you for it. At PolicyPal, you will work closely with your supervisor and experience challenging tasks to improve the company’s performance. Soon enough, you’ll be ready for a career in marketing.

Develop problem-solving skills and strategies

Here, you will collaborate with the product manager to conceptualise and implement effective marketing campaigns and activities for the brands in their portfolio. As you manage multiple projects, you will have the opportunity to develop your problem-solving skills and strategies. Here you will experience the ups and down of every campaign and event as you witness the process from conceptualization to execution!

  • Communications: We’re looking for someone to pick up the pen and put our strategy into action.Blog posts, emails, mobile notifications, communicating with the press – you’ll help brainstorm the ideas and then run them to execution. You’ll also help define our customer journey, sending the right message to the right user at the right time. After the communication goes out, you will help measure the impact of what we’ve done.
  • Marketing executions: Everyone at PolicyPal gets their hands dirty, from in-person tabling events to handling mass printings for our on-the-ground marketing. You’ll be a key part of taking creative ideas from inception to actuality.
  • Experience in digital and/or content marketing.
  • Basic HTML + design skills (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.)
  • Interpersonal and organizational skills, with the ability to navigate an ambiguous environment.
  • Analytical skills and an interest in tackling business problems.

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